Other actions to the community:

• We continue to collaborate with the Program Integration Foundation, an NGO whose objective is contribute to the creation of equal economic opportunities for youth and interest in continuing their education after high school.

• Every month we make a contribution to the Sheltered Workshop inputs Mi Rincón located in Pilar, and help them improve processes production que carry forward the members of the Workshop (youth and adults). In order to realize this goal we have the help of Virginia Chourrout. And to carry out the contribution said the workshop, we have the cooperation of Nutrial, which provides supplies de its product portfolio.

• There are new un proyect we're putting together a network of companies through "sports ambassadors" accompany a series of solidarity actions. 


Programa Empujar, Companies United by Young Argentines.

In Saporiti Group we understand that our actions must always positive. We think that generate economic value should also generate social value and a positive impacton the environment. Social value is for Saporiti support initiatives related to training and learning ,honoring the motto: "Our best ingredient is knowledge", which defines the company.
From this perspective then implement socially responsible actions that gratify uswith transcendent and friendly to our expectations from an organization that manages the business logic supporting sustainable development results.

Business Initiative for Youth United Argentinos (EMPUJAR):

Pushing the program guide and encourages low-income youth to work culture, providing training and tools to improve their employability. Participants receive training at Headquarters Saporiti for their personal development and training in various technical issues such as Logistics, Quality, and Health and Safety Laboratory. The contents are dictated by the founders and business partners of the program through volunteer experts in the various subjects. Partners of different levels of responsibility are teaching, assume the role of mentors participating students or part of special activities.
The founding companies of the program are: Biotay, Bolsafim, Saporiti Group,Texcom, Spring, Whalecom, Vistage, Asap, Silver Card, Triumph, SB Logistics Management, Startex, Schoss, Wassarette, Taverniti, Food Service, Lab Victoria,Daniel Ice, DCEArgentina, EHS, Tesma, Sportclub. The partner companies are: Atinua, Oblimar Hugo Bottino and Assoc, emphasis andnuance.. With the premise of maintaining low administrative costs and an adequate legal coverage, each company in the group provides a scholarship that allows the participation of a student.

Grupo Saporiti y Empujar

The Saporiti Group supports this initiative since the beginning of 2013. In May of this year's editionstarted 2014. We visited eight schools in the area of Pilar and in April the selection stage of the youth group participating this year developed . Young began rotations in the areas of Logistics, Applications and Creations, Safety,Health and Environment and Production. This stage was very motivating for participants who performed responsibly and responded to the challenge workplace guidelines.
The experience of Jimena Garcia, Programa Empujar 2013

 participated in the 2013 program, in the final year of secondary education (6th year in school ESB 304 Pilar), since late March, early April. Mrs.Silvina, Film Exchange (neighboring company for the Park), told us that the objective of the program was the employment and who would attend Saporiti SA. This would allow us to specialize in logistics, health and safety and IT. Apart from this specialization we would receive aid on what we wanted to do was to finish school. Then, with great enthusiasm and willingness to learn new things, I decided to enroll.
I had several interviews until he got the good news that I had been selected to be part of the program. Every weekday after school between the hours of 14:00 to 17:00 hs. Thanks to the program I entered I could acquire many new skills, from how to make a CV, how to face an interview, handling Word, Excel, PowerPoint, logistics issues and health and safety and much more. In mid-May we started with "rotations" which consisted of being in a job, help, ask and above all learn. Ihad the first rotation in the administration area in another company also Pilar industrial park and the second in Saporiti SA The first few weeks in the area of Quality Control learned about the analysis that are made to approve a product to go on sale. The following was in the area of Quality Management. I introduced myself to the interviews for that sector since I was very interested in the position. Today I'm working for the company Saporiti, in the area of Quality Management, doing all kinds of work, learning a lot every day.
I think that helped me a lot the Program Push much knowledge that today I amtesting every day, with much effort and, above all, a lot of will and desire to continue growing in all that is good because I know trabajo.Es This year the program continues to offer apprentice ships, the best advice and assistance to children between 17 and 19 years beginning this new phase with great support, expertise, advice and great experiences, like mine"

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